born: Feb 17 1960
Berkeley California

ht: 6'2"
wt: 2 hundred and none of your business lbs.
hair: getting grayer


trying to blend & bend interests & influences into forms & functions that are likable & livable at the very least.


right now, except maybe not


right here at my house on Derby Street in Berkeley or in my workshop out in the backyard. Hoping to eventually expand...adding shop space


everything is made from scratch. no cake mixes here. I primarily use a product called Trupan--a formaldehyde-free lightweight medium density Fiberboard (MDF) the approach is similar to the ceramic techniques of slab building and scriffito. (scriffito is the drawing into the surface) I use a small router to etch the line and draw into the wood. the groove is painted with black paint, leaving the surface ready for other color & varnish. this process leaves the surface with a nice texture and depth, almost a ceramic quality, but with the durability of wood.


for the following reasons, in no particular order:

• fame
• fortune
• glory
• tax dodge
• immortality
• family honor
• parental approval
• tired of carpentry

I do it all for my dog.